Rinde Eckert with the Paul Dresher Ensemble

This live recording of the final installment of the “American Trilogy” is a wild and profane look at America’s cherished myths of conquest. Text by Rinde Eckert, Terry Allen and Jo Harvey Allen with two songs by Terry Allen. Performed by John Duykers, Rinde Eckert and Jo Harvey Allen and musicians Phil Aaberg, Craig Fry, Gene Reffkin and Dresher

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Power Failure
This live performance 8-track recording of the controversial second installment of the Ensemble’s “American Trilogy” is a mystery in the form of “opera noire” about corporate greed. Text by Rinde Eckert and performed by singers John Duykers, Rinde Eckert, Stephanie Friedman and Thomasa Eckert, and musicians Ned Rothenberg, Miguel Frasconi, Gene Reffkin and Paul Dresher.

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(So Sleep)

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(Twenty Years)

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The Gates (Far Away Near)
Highly acclaimed score for the Ensemble's 1993 collaboration with the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company, and writers Michael Palmer & Rinde Eckert. A celebration of humanity and its relationship to cities. This recording features Dresher on keyboards & MIDI guitar, Craig Fry on violin, Miguel Frasconi on keyboards and Gene Reffkin on drums. Compiled from live performances, all digital recorded and edited.

the gates
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Shelf Life (1987)
Excellent studio recording of the award winning 1987 collaboration between Dresher, writer/performer Rinde Eckert and the Margaret Jenkins Dance Company.
shelf life
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Slow Fire
A high quality studio recording of the first work in the Paul Dresher Ensemble's "American Trilogy."

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Ravenshead (1998)
Composer Steve Mackey and Librettist’s Rinde Eckert’s one man tour-de-force opera commissioned by the Paul Dresher Ensemble and performed by Rinde Eckert and the Ensemble’s Electro-Acoustic Band. Premiered in Nov. 1998, it was ranked the Best New Opera of 1998 by USA Today, it is based on the a true story of Donald Crowhurst, a man who in 1968 attempted to be the first to sail solo & non-stop around in the world. Rinde’s writing and performance are nothing short of astonishing. Recorded on digital video at the premiere.
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