Paul Dresher Electro Acoustic Band + The Living Earth Show - Jan 26 & 27 -

BEYOND: The Electro-Acoustic Band
+ Living Earth Show

Z Space, San Francisco
Friday, Jan 26 & Saturday, Jan 27, 8pm

These two concerts will feature the Bay Area’s virtuoso guitar and percussion duo The Living Earth Show performing works for invented instruments created by composer & instrument inventor Dennis Aman. Composer Aman began this work during his 2016 DEAR residency at the Ensemble’s studio, collaborating closely with the Living Earth Show, for whom he has created the instruments as well as the featured work, 24 Preludes and Fugues.

The second half of the program presents the world premiere of Ned Rothenberg’s Beyond C, a major collaboration with Paul Dresher that features Ensemble-­percussionist Joel Davel conducting an expanded version of the Electro-Acoustic Band. Rothenberg’s new work, a concerto for improvising soloist and large ensemble, is inspired by Terry Riley’s seminal work In C.

Z Space · 450 Florida Street · San Francisco, CA 94110
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“Paul Dresher exemplifies the spirit of West Coast music both in the richness of his sound world as well as the inventiveness of his mind. In the tradition of Harry Partch, Conlon Nancarrow, Lou Harrison, and Bill Colvig, Paul has invented new instruments, both mechanical and electronic, each of which has expanded his musical thinking. To that he adds a background in North Indian and Balinese traditions, all of which results in music of exceptional individuality and beauty. He’s a maverick in the very best sense of the world.”

— John Adams, Composer

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